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ery brief● interval sufficed to banish every thought f●rom Luigi’s mind but fears for La Palice, ●by whose side he speedily was.The noise wax?/p>

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馿d louder, closer, but there was no trace of d●isturbance, or even anxiety, o●n the governor’s o

pen brow, as he gaily ●marshalled his little band of thr▓ee hundred lances, to throw themselve●s into the first breach whic●h Gonzalvo’s unceasing canno●nade was rapidly making in the● walls. “

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  • in accordance with● the lingering night.A dull, h
  • eavy, monotonous▓ roar, as of a continu
  • ed cannonade c▓lose at hand, was accompanied by shar▓p
  • , vivid flashes of light playing athw●art
  • the casement; then followe▓d the roll of many drum
  • s,—the shout▓ “to arms,” “the foe! the foe!
  •  癖—the clash of the alarum bell—▓the heav
  • y trampling of a hundred fe●et—the shr

ill shrieks of woman’s● terror,

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Ha! welcome, comr●ade mine!” he cried, grasping Vincenzio’s ha▓nd.“Mark La Palice as a true p●rophet, and Nemours the most egreg


ious b●lockhead that ever wrote himse●lf a man.Ha! all compact there; ready! that’●s well—to the right, forward!” and o▓n they


rushed through the town.Alrea●dy every wall was manned, and s▓howers of arrows and stones galled the Spa▓niards at every turn

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▓er on the immense mass at wo●rk against the ramparts.Already the wa●lls were tottering, falling, borne down by t●he heavy cannonade.On the opposite side the wa●lls had been scaled, a

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nd Spanish and French ●fought hand to hand

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on the summit.A ye●ll of triumph soon after

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proclaimed the for▓mation of an immense breach, into● which Gonzalvo himself and his choicest tro

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ops● poured like a mountain torrent,▓ increasing, swelling, as it ●came, as if utterly to overwh●elm the compact little phal

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anx which La Pal▓ice threw forward to oppose him●.A very brief struggle sufficed to show how f▓ruitless w

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  • as every effort of the ▓French; the immense o

    ’s wa
  • dds speedil●y forced the breach; but still,▓ hemme

  • d in on all sides so clos●ely that their swords had

    flashin●g on his mi
  • scarcely room for f●ull play, there was no word of s

    nd, he sprang to
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    his fe▓et and glanced by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    urrender or ●defeat; struggling only to preserve their ho▓nour in their death, man after ▓man fell, without yielding an inch▓, around his leader.Presently wilder and mor▓e deafening sounds arose; mingli▓ng indiscriminately the roar of artillery, t▓he clang of steel, the rush of ▓a hundred chargers, the shrill ●shrieks of wome

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    beneath him.▓Far, far a by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    n, so that not one could ▓be distinguished from another.The● town was forced, and every street●, for a brief interval, became the▓ scene of combat.Another hour, and● the strife was at an end.La Palice, w▓ho had striven as if his individual effort▓s could avert defeat, had bee▓n overwhelmed with numbers, an●d brought to the gr

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    s his eye could reach, t by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    ound with the crushing bl▓ow of a battle-axe; yet even then●, with his own gay laugh, he fl▓ung his sword over the heads of h●is captors, that none should claim him● as an individual prize.Vincenzio sh▓ared his fate, the capture of h●is friend removing from him all inclinati●on to prolong the fruitless combat, and ▓yet more e

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    rampling d▓own that fai by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    xasperate the Spaniards against his ▓ill-fated countrymen. The clo●se of that day beheld Ruvo d●eserted; the heavy banner of● Spain waving above the ruined r●amparts alone marked what had bee▓n; for the riches of Ruvo,—gold, ●treasure, horses and arms, the French ▓prisoners, almost all of whom w▓ere badly wounded, and the

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, the h▓ead-quarters of the great captain▓ and his troops. Chapter 2 Twenty●-four hours after his daring reduction o●f Ruvo, Gonzalvo de Cordova was seate▓d in one

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r scene of fertili▓ty and peace, there came band after band of a●rmed me

n, rolling onward in such dense masses, t▓hat he felt a
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t a glance resistance was in
▓ vain.Marvellous as it seeme●d, Gonzalvo de Cordova himself was u●pon th
em; and that name / in its mig / hty ● / Portfolio / Blog / ralysing ter / ror! A v